Italian psychedelics Go!Zilla announce their 2019 European tour

by | indieBerlin

Having toured extensively over the past few years, IndieBerlin are pleased to announced that the psychedelic-fuzz collective Go!Zilla will be gracing us with their presence in Berlin very soon.

Since their 2012 self-titled debut, the group have made something of an eyebrow-raising impression on the European festival circuit. With a dark post-garage sound and hypnotic stage presence, they’re definitely one to catch if the opportunity arises. They’ll be venturing to a number of locations in Germany, so there’s no excuse not to experience their immersive and utterly bizarre live show for yourself.

Their latest work Modern Jungle’s Prisoners (courtesy of Teenage Menopause Records) is something of a comeback, with their previous album Shrinking in your Sea having been released back in 2015. It makes for an intriguing listen, with the band’s signature unorthodox tone coming through in a substantial way. With rich textures and mesmerizingly creepy vocal lines, it’s a weird and wonderful outing that commands your attention.

It’s very easy for records of this nature to come across as a little kitschy, but this is absolutely not the case with Go!Zilla. It’s a witty and perceptive album, which creeps up on you when you least expect it. The sharp percussion combined with the spellbinding synth section provides a beautiful contrast – think The Hives, only they’re having a tea party with Smashing Pumpkins (whilst Black Francis of The Pixies is vocally noodling in the corner for good measure).

Their latest video Hailing It’s Hailing is deliciously weird. It’s a surrealist apocalyptic adventure, with nods to Howard Greenhalgh, Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch galore. The track itself is well produced and slick, but allows the instrumental lines to breathe without over-sanitising them. It’s quirky and classically bizarre, but still manages to highlight the band’s individuality in a refreshing manner. There’s something utterly charming about such heavy use of a green screen, and it works perfectly.

The quintet will be playing at Schokoladen for their Berlin show. Intimate and grungy, it’s the ideal venue to complement their unique and experimental sound – you can find tickets and more information about the gig here. They’re an intelligent and hugely inventive band, and we’d recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for future activity.

Want to catch them on tour? Their German dates are as follows:

16.02.2019 @ Molotow (Hamburg)
19.02.2019 @ Sonic Ballroom (Köln)
20.02.2019 @ Rekorder (Dortmund)
21.02.2019 @ Schokoladen (Berlin)
22.02.2019 @ Reverberation Fest Preview (Dresden)

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