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Chicago’s most ethereal dance-pop duo arrives in Europe for their first headline tour, ahead of the release of their dreamy debut full length album.

DRAMA is the dark and passionate musical collaboration of Chicagobased artists, Na’el Shehade and Via Rosa. Together the two form a duo that has become renowned for its mellow sound that combines R&B and dance musicDRAMA’s debut EP Gallows was met with much approval when it first arrived in 2016, and left those newfound listeners longing for more of their soulful tunes. Having worked independently since 2014, the duo recently signed to Ghostly International, the label home to acclaimed leftfield stalwarts such as HTRK and BeaconAfter what, for fans, felt like forever – Ghostly is releasing the highly anticipated debut full-length album from DRAMA on 14th of February

We had the privilege of previewing the upcoming album Dance Without Me and simply fell in love with the record. The album, combination of low-slung contemporary RNB and sensual dream pop, is without doubt a generous gift to the sad girl community, of which this writer would claim to be a key member. The tone of the album leans slightly more towards woozy R&B and effervescent pop music, in contrast to the thrillingly gloomy Gallows, which was in parts reminiscent of much-loved outfit The XX. With her impressive vocal range and sultry intonation, lead singer Via Rose calls to mind celebrated veterans such as Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine.  

Duo is in its element making dramatic tracks that are simultaneously both touching and danceable.

Take lead single Years for example, the composition proves that the duo is in its element making dramatic tracks that are simultaneously both touching and danceable. The pair have dedicated the upcoming album, released on Valentine’s Day, to those who witness their friends’ love lives blooming, but don’t have anyone to hold on to themselvesAccording to Via Rose, the new single Years revolves around the harrowing theme of past relationships:  

“This track is a bittersweet song about the conflict of wanting to let go but still hold onto someone you love, but you know they’re not right for you. It’s about knowing you should walk away but also wanting to confess your unconditional and eternal love.” 

Make sure you catch the duo on their first headline tour – Get tickets from 

  1. February 2020 – Hamburg @ Nochtwache 
  2. February 2020 – Köln @ Jaki 
  3. February 2020 – Berlin @ Kantine am Berghain 

Photo: Zoe Rain

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