Jagwar Ma New Album Howling Out on the 21st


Jagwar Ma, the duo Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield, first bonded in Sydney, Australia over a mutual passion of melody and experimental beats, setting out to create a sound that would capture their love for contemporary electronica & classic American pop harmony, Joe Meek & King Tubby, vintage drum machines & radio frequency manipulation, Ray Davies’ vintage amp noise and improvised percussion.

Hot on the heels of powerhouse singles ‘The Throw’ and ‘Man I Need’, Jagwar Ma are now pleased to announce their debut album Howlin which will be released June 14th on Marathon Artists.

The album was recorded in a secluded town in the North of France, just the two of them in an almost farm with an 808, a Fender jaguar, a laptop & a pair of vintage Neve console channels, and neighbors with a thing for hardcore sound systems. Their time there echoes like a strange psychedelic film: cycling in fields of sunflowers, copious amounts of cheese, growing caveman beards and going crazy in the studio. Collaborators along the way included long-time friend & Warpaint drummer, Stella Mozgawa and renowned Berlin producer/mixer, Ewan Pearson, adding another station to the globe-spanning journey the songs have travelled.

Across its eleven tracks, Howlin twists addictive hooks around often dirty and clanking breakdowns. Pop songwriting is buried in layers of crunching synths and pedal effects, from 60’s beat to the strobe-lit warehouses of acid house via the techniques and sonic feel of dub and the touchstones of anthemic British guitar music, reveling in the vibrant tension between the discovery of something classic and future-looking experiments

The summer will see them heading out on a string of live dates at festivals across Europe, Australia and Japan as well as their own headline shows.