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Having played bass for the past 11 years for ‘Warpaint’ it was always clear that Jennylee Lindberg had something else to offer. She always stood out in Warpaint’s music videos and it was clear that she was not just a bassist but also a vocalist who had been itching to come out on her own.

Dropping her surname ‘Lindberg’, yesterday at Frannz club, despite feeling under the weather, Jennylee showed the crowd that she can deliver as a solo artist.

Blind was the only track where the bass could be found in Jennylee’s hands

Following the same lineup of her debut album Right On! Jennylee started things on the more mellow side with Blind. This was the only track where the bass could be found in Jennylee’s hands.

Jennylee decided to make the place go Boom, Boom with her moves

After that Jennylee decided to make the place go Boom, Boom with her moves. Building a tension whilst shifting dynamics, pulling back every time the rising action reaches a breaking point or escalates, than slowing down gently the tempo when needed.

With Never Jennylee pans out her soaring, dreamy vocals with a driving bass that built a climax – another standout single of her album.

Lost between the synth and desert haze

Jennylee admitted that her voice was kind of queasy, and that she must have some food poisoning, but that did not stop her from dancing around on stage, and sweating bucketloads of sweat.

Long Lonely Winter was a serene track that stood out once again – trailing off in its own depressive/slow-dancing way, lost between the synth and desert haze.

Bully showed quite literally that Jennylee wasn’t playing around as she belted out lyrics I’m not playing around.

Post-Punk track Riot with all its noise and discord at its core saw Jennylee’s howls buried in a mix which played to a perfectly disturbed guitar effect. Thinking it would take off at any time, however it never truly did.

As the set progressed, Jennylee showed her many expressive vocal sides especially with the R&B influenced track He Fresh. Even though repetitive -“He’s so fresh, he so fresh, he so fresh”, Jennylee delivered much more sensual moments with this track.

Review by Shawn James

However on the other hand, Jennylee stretches her voice and strains more her vocal chords on the track ‘white devil’. So much so that she takes a water-break to where all her bandmates started throwing water at her from their bottles. Luckily enough it did not electrocute her.

Jennylee decided to close off the last show of her tour, with a few encore numbers from ‘Warpaint’. Yes ‘Disco//Very – Keep It Healthy’ was the cherry on the cake as one would say.

With that said, I was impressed with Jennylee’s overall performance, breaking out on her own surely paid off!

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