Closing party sixty-second teaser: Q&A with the Jooles, infectious pop from a time machine

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We tried to get hold of a time machine to bring back some 60s pop stars for the party. No joy. But instead, we stumbled across The Jooles, which is basically the same thing.

We wanted that old-school vibe in the ultra-modern nHow Hotel, for our indieBerlin Closing Party on the 19th May. And old-school is exactly what The Jooles are about. They say great minds think alike, which is useful to know because chatting to this bunch leaves you wondering what’s going on in their heads.

The best way to find out, of course, is to read this article and listen to their music. You can do this for free (!) at this party we mentioned – here’s the Facebook event – where this infectiously eclectic four-piece will be performing live.

The Jooles talk Jools Holland and gentrification

It’s all clubs closing, neighbours complaining, rising rent for rehearsal rooms…

What would be your absolute dream event to play at? (I know the answer is the indieBerlin Finissage party, but what else?)

Later With Jools Holland. With himself on the piano.

Who are your favourite artists from the past?The Jooles indieberlin closing party

Alright, just tell us when to stop. The Beatles, The Cardigans, The Who, Oasis, Belle and Sebastian, Moloko, Steely Dan, Amy Winehouse, Del Amitri, Neil Young, The Doors, many classic soul artists from the 60s and early 70s as well as the new soul revivals, but also Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, No Doubt, Air…


Stop. Clearly you were born in the wrong century. Which scene do you wish you’d seen?

Obviously the whole 60s must have been exciting, when the whole pop movement was fresh and high-speed-progressive. But there were special moments of music history in every era we would have loved to experienced personally. Early Blues & Jazz, the pre-Dylan folk movement, disco as well as the rise of punk & new wave. And even the creative playground of Berlin in the early 90s, which we slightly missed, even though we were around.

How about the Berlin scene nowadays?

It’s such a hub for creative people from all over the world who still focus on living instead of making a living, because Berlin is still a pretty affordable city for many, with a special spirit. Also of course it’s a center for music business as well.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. What’s the flipside?

Well, the weather for 8 months of the year… Then obviously the tendencies and consequences of gentrification. It’s all clubs closing, neighbours complaining, rising rents for rehearsal rooms, etc. But that’s probably even worse in most other cities.

What do you have in store for the 19th May?

Moving memories…

Mysterious stuff. And what next for 2017?

We’re planning to write new songs and go on tour in October.

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