junk-E-cat announces new EP KREATUR: to be released May 24th

by | indieBerlin

We’re excited to share the news that Berlin-based experimental electronic artist junk-E-cat has announced that his debut EP Kreatur will drop on May 24th – and we’re able to give you a sneak peek at what’s in store.

The five-track EP has been in the works for quite some time, with the elusive multi-instrumentalist quietly squirrelling away on this project for several months. An inimitable blend of free jazz, sonic arts and electronic music, it’s a curious melting-pot of different genres, each tinged with the junk-E-cat‘s unique trademark sound.

Standing as something of a trailer-slash-music-video, it’s a beautiful foray into the process behind this electrifying new endeavour (we encourage you to pay particular attention to 0:22-0:29, featuring an eyebrow-raising shot atop the Big Wheel at Ferropolis). Introducing the creature in its preferred environment, it’s an alluring escapade – complementing the tone of the record perfectly.

The five tracks were recorded in the fall of 2018 and display a variety of colours and moods within the artist’s distinctive sound spectrum. Kreatur is the soundtrack of junk-E-cat’s adventures, exploring abandoned sites and rooftops around the world. Dark eerie beats blended with deep bass clarinet tones and saxophone harmonies are at the core of the creature’s offbeat and original sound.

Layered polyrhythms and playful harmonies aside, there’s a delicate minimalism to this EP which commands attention. A delicious mix of reed instruments, loop stations and finger drumming, this idiosyncratic work is definitely something to pay attention to.

We’re thrilled to announce that indieBerlin have been given exclusive access to this new record, with lead single Kreatur out now – you can take a listen for yourself here.

Like what you hear? Catch a glimpse of the creature’s adventures on Instagram.

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