King Khan & Shrines play in Lido next Tuesday. Auf keinen Fall verpassen!


Had Arthur Brown and James Brown produced a baby, this Freak of Nature would almost certainly have been King Khan. Firstly, he is indeed rather “brown” owing to his presumably Indian heritage (pardon the pun). And secondly, the spectacle produced by King Khan and his Shrines combines perfectly the funky soul of James Brown with the crazy, psychedelic, transcendental world of Arthur Brown. In fact, words cannot really describe the miracle that is their live show.

I first saw these guys at a festival huge festival in Portugal, where their energetic psycho-funk got really only myself and 3 other Portuguese dudes with long hair going. The music was too much for those who came to see Kayne West and Snoopy Doggy Dog. Last year they played at the Festsaal Kreuzberg (R.I.P.), which was a music-fueled mosh-pit from start to finish where we came out soaking of other people’s sweat and beer. But boy was it the best show I’ve ever seen!

Expect anything. Expect intense, funky stabs from the sexy horn section that would make Lou Marini proud. Expect punky crazyness from the guitar, half-time grooves from the bass, a surprise appearance from the percussionist, and if you are lucky, Frederic will surf the crowd on his keyboard again. Expect an extravagant Aztec head-dress and perhaps a bottom joke from King Khan. But most of all, you can be sure that this is going to be the best show in Berlin this year. I promise.

Hope to see you there. Come to the Lido on Cuvrystra├če 7. Show begins at 21:00!

Article by Lucas Frost