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When I first found out that the concert was not going to take place in Berghain but in Astra instead I was a little disappointed, but in the end it turned out to be the ideal setting for the night with its relaxed, oldie vibe.
La Roux came out on stage singing the moody track “Let me down gently”, and from the first moment to the last the crowd didn’t stop dancing to the electro pop sounds. With not only the band but the crowd too dressd as if it was 1984 it felt more like a dancing party from the 80s than a concert in 2014, with La Roux as androgynous as ever.

Sex and desire are what make her who she is”

The poppy bubblegum songs married with synth melodies sustained an electrified atmosphere and she even rocked out with a guitar solo in “Uptight Downtown” from her new album “Trouble in Paradise”. But even that wasn’t quite as exciting as her spurt of drumming, which dazzled and amused the crowd.

Jackson’s trademark lyrics about sex and desire are what makes her who she is, her dance moves were contagious and funky, and the night was in the end a major concert experience for me.

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Most of the songs were from the new “Trouble in Paradise” 2014 album, but she also performed a number of her older hits.

It was a night full of lights, a smiling crowd and playful songs and everyone floated home with a smile on their face.

Review by Irini Papaioannou

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