Lexodus has a brand new single out today – What do they have to confess??

by | indieBerlin

Are we ever excited to announce the brand new single from indieBerlin’s favourite local hip hop act Lexodus. Confession comes out today, 3rd May 2018.

We asked the band a few questions – below the interview you can  CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW TRACK and have a gander at what our reviewer thought of the music. Read on!

indieBerlin: What were your main musical influences growing up?

LxD: Funk, Hip-Hop, Grime and Metal. My Dad has a heavy influence on my eclectic palette.

SKID: 70’s rock and 90’s Acid Jazz

indieBerlin: How would you describe the hip-hop scene in Berlin?

SKID: Very dispersed, I don’t think there is a true hip hop community here. I feel like it’s split in two sides: the mainstream side and the alternative side. On the mainstream side every one sounds the same and on the alternative side everybody is doing something completely different which makes it hard to come together as one.

indieBerlin: Do you feel there’s a big divide between the English speaking and the German speaking scene? Do audiences overlap at all? What about artists?

LxD; I wouldn’t say divide, The Swag Jam is one of the biggest events in town and it is English speaking. I would say that accessibility is key. If you speak both languages then you’re more likely to enjoy both. I do however feel that larger hip hop venues in Berlin need to look beyond international artists and start putting on shows with local talent, irrelevant of German or English language.

indieBerlin: What international artists do you feel have the most influence on Berlin-based hip-hop?

SKID: I’d say Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J. Cole and all these mainstream guys. I think most of the scene here is trying to sound like them.

LxD: agreed, there is a heavy American Trap influence. To be honest though, this is what popular music is right now.

indieBerlin: Are there any up-and-coming acts you want indieBerlin readers to check out?

SKID: Bad With Phones. Great new music, definitely recommend it.

LxD: Listen to Mummy. A real gem from London. Check out Bitte Please, Rizzo & the Members Club & the entire jar of Peanut Butter Beats. Also K383 crew & 808ink.

indieBerlin had a listen to the hard hitting new single from Lexodus and had this to say:

The second single release by Lexodus has a deeply captivating question?

What is the impression left after confession?

Many of us suppress our thoughts, alter our stories to seem like better, more interesting people, or we simply turn the story around in our favour, to avoid the consequences. Even in church confessionals, people have difficulties saying the whole truth and nothing but the truth because the end result of confessions either brings us one step closer to heaven or hell.

These two realities referred to as being space-bound or underground by Lexodus lie just beneath the words of every lyric of Confessions. Lexodus lyrics form a scripture he lives by, asking his followers to remove their egos and replaces their individual rituals by rearranging their visions of love and change.

Perhaps whats most interesting is that Lexodus identifies themselves as God in this song and has all intentions of taking charge, answering questions and deciding who is worthy of heaven.

Settle down,
There’s a round for your questions
If you are space-bound or underground,
Let me break it down

The certainty in the rapper’s voice gives his followers reassurance that they have indeed cracked the code of toxicity and intend on getting rid of it and bringing us closer to warmth and serenity. The quick raw guitar almost sounds like it’s about to take off and have a life on its own yet perfectly follows Lexodus’s ideology. The entire arrangement gives a sense of horror and void that not everyone is ready to face.

Although Lexodus has confidently stated the amendments that should be followed, Confession ends with a light piano synth, giving his listeners a chance to think about their acts, letting them wonder if their confessions are worthy of heaven or hell.

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