Lexodus Release Party a splash hit as band aims for the stars

by | indieBerlin

Lexodus are stepping up their game, that’s all there is to it. At their triumphal release party on Friday night in Cassioepia they proved that they’re not messing around any more – nope, this band is here to hit hard and fast and then hit hard again.

Cool, groovy hip hop

The humour that they’re known for was well on display throughout their pumping set; in this age of national borders and boundaries and monocultural madness, it’s beautiful to see that it’s perhaps their very interculturalness (is that a word?)  that makes them the cool, groovy hip hop band that they are – not just a bunch of Yanks, not just a gang of poms, this is a very European affair. Our hats are off and we’re bravely fist-pumping them into the future.

After a lengthy set that got everyone in the house moving and had charismatic frontman Magic Merlin bopping all over the shop and that included new single Swifty Mission, the happy crowd kept on moving. A good night was had by all!

Ditto the laid back HOMIE, female fronted hiphoppers, popping  up in all kinds of places…

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