Lexodus’s delicious release party for a freaky Friday! – win tickets to The Cosmic Show

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Steaming hot hip hop, funky vibes, and a fresh freak show from outer space is landing on earth right here in Berlin at Cassiopeia Club. Be there on Friday, 8pm.

If you think you know hip hop, Lexodus will prove you wrong. The quintet is arriving from the future – combining new sounds and spontaneous spacey energy in a strong drink that’s gonna drive you to the floor and make you dance. No doubt. You’ll laugh and enjoy the show. It’s soul, it’s funk, it’s trip hop, it’s rock, it’s R’n’B, and it’s stage presence on such a high level it might blow your brains right out.

Lexodus is a fiery crossover band that somehow manages to create a very own thread of consistency – to be honest it’s difficult pinpointing exactly what material this thread consists of; it’s very new but it’s definitely very strong and will hold a heavy load. Believe me. You’ve got to see this band perform.

A cosmic release

This Friday they’re celebrating the release of The Cosmic Show. Basically the show is a great step
away from mainstream hip hop and standard ideas about it – getting storytelling back into the
spotlight. There’s no “baby, baby” or blunt lyrics in this space. It’s fun and fresh and fruity. But hey
– you won’t understand the complexity of this universe unless you go to Cassiopeia and catch
them live.

Lexodus consists of LxD aka Mighty Merlin (vox), Johnny ‘Skid’ Longlegs (guitar/bass), Stinky
Fingaz (guitar), Master Yoshi (synth/keys), and The Hitman (drums). These legendary dudes – be
they men or brilliant aliens – want to renew hip hop. And they certainly succeed in doing so.

So. All you need to know is this:

It’s going down this Friday, 13th of July at Cassiopeia Club, Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin. Doors at 8pm. Funky Fleivur will do an awesome DJ set at 8.30, Homie is going live with a nice neon-soul cocktail at 9.30 – and at 10.30 Lexodus will blow you away.

Want to win tickets?  Write to win (at) indieberlin.de by the end of Thursday. And we’ll see you there on Friday!

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