Listen to GYM Tonic, Playing Soon at Synästhesie IV

by | indieBerlin

In an effort to continue teasing you with the increasingly impressive Synästhesie line-up, here’s a quick introduction to the synth-punk band GYM Tonic.
This Berlin-based group, made up of members from Canada and France, has been playing together since 2016, but are each veterans of a number of different bands. The new-wave or self described “Cafeteria Punk” foursome came together from a mutual love of Devo and play “hyped up songs about carsickness, vitamin injections and nuclear disasters.” If you’d like to check out this intriguing mix for yourself, here’s GYM Tonic performing their catchy track “Nerds of Doom” for 8MM’s Syn Sessions:

Like what you hear? You could wait for the band’s debut album due out at the end of the year, but seriously why do that when you can grab a ticket and see them play Saturday November 24th, on the second day of the amazing Synästhesie Festival? I hear there’s only like 200 TICKETS LEFT (OH MY %$&^** GOD). Get one, now!
You should also check out the newly-released broken down SynWeek schedule . It’s delicious.

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