Lonski and Classen in Festsaal Kreuzberg


We’re very excited to announce the gig of gigs this coming Monday: Lonski and Classen play support to Veronica Falls and Mazes in Festsaal Kreuzberg. Lonski & Classen have long been favourites of indieberlin. They represent what we see as all that’s good in the Berlin independent/underground scene: They create great music that’s 100% individual. They made the decision to play music together a long time ago and have stayed true to their vision and to their ideals through years of small concerts and not much money. They’ve never relied on hype for their audience but started with a fanbase of mutual friends which has spread and spread through word of mouth and not very much else. They’ve just kept doing what they do, as well as they could do it, always putting on good shows which are remarkable not only for their musical brilliance but also for their atmosphere, which has always been warm, good-hearted and inclusive. They’re utterly idiosyncratic – which can turn you on or turn you off – but which shows a belief in the worth of their own peculiar vision of the world, which, let’s face it, is probably the greatest sole requirement of any good artist in any discipline. What else…oh yes, they’re also very nice people. And what is at least as important as all of the above, you’ll spend hours laughing helplessly if you go out for a drink with them.

Long live Lonski and Classen!