Looking back on: Peanut Butter Beats one year anniversary at BI Nuu

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As you age, you’ll notice birthday parties become much more relaxed affairs. Some people even get bored of the occasion and swear off celebrating all together. Happily, Berlin rap collective, Peanut Butter Beats, had its very first on Saturday the 17th of March at Bi Nuu. So I’m delighted to say the novelty is far from wearing off.

The festivities began at 21:00 with MAKENZIE. Spitting out emotionally driven rhythmic messages to mesmerize and educate. Tennessee-made MAKENZIE is an unapologetic performer, hell-bent on involving his audience and endearing the wickedest of souls. Backed up by deep R’n’B inspired beats to support his effortless flow, MAKENZIE set a high bar for what was to follow.

With a change of gear, the mysterious Bitte Please took his spot on the stage. Stood off-centre and over one square foot of desk, the masked musician delighted ears and piqued the interest of all those drawn into his amicable mysteriousness. Using only text to speech to talk to the audience, Bitte Please made it plain that the music was boss. Music of smooth groove, divisive sample placement, all rich with different layers. It got under your skin, vibrated your chest cavity and massaged your mind.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to take part in your involuntary abduction…

Lexodus entered the fray and everyone in the building made it clear they were willing abductees. The first appearance of live instruments of the night made a perfect backdrop for the lyrical twists and turns Brit frontman “Lex” (Alex Linton) painted. Never far from witty and playful lines whilst dishing out aggression when needed, their set ebbed and flowed in all the ways a slickly constructed party should. As Lex displayed emotions and dance moves as contagious as a cold, the musicians clawed at any genre they could lay their (stinky) fingers on. Just don’t get caught in the pit at the end… Make sure to look out for what Lexodus is cooking, they will be serving up something really tasty in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Rizzo and the Members Club then led a darker descent into a world where bass is king. Aggression, heaviness, and pure performance, surely frontman “Rizzo’s” (Izzy Choudry) sweat tasted of music as the low-end frequencies propelled him around the stage. The verbal speed demon fired words out at such an alarming rate at times many must have wondered if the police were going to have to don sirens and give chase. From the back of the room, the band had the crowd on a puppet string. They smashed their heads to the punk energy this band had injected into them.

And so the climax of the party, it was time to get a jam masterclass from Berlin Untelevised. Like any good party, the climax is freeform but so very rewarding. Fronted by Seth Elpenor and Lexodus in his own right, the stage became a place of laughter, experimentation, and musical spontaneity. Elpenor led the charge with fearlessness both musically and energetically. Lexodus was his usual self, adapting to the experimental setting like the chameleon he is. Completing the night, Rizzo returned to the stage to deliver more physics-bending speedy bar delivery culminating in a collective losing of minds.

Afterward, a smooth DJ set ensued in the background, the music was over far too soon. So the liquor river flowed. Smooth, tangy, sweet, crunchy, excellence, Happy Birthday Peanut Butter Beats. Here’s to another year.

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Article by Greg Thompson | Photo by Francisca Blaauboer


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