Louis Cole In Berlin: Festsaal Kreuzberg on May 26th

by | indieBerlin

Just by looking at the videos Louis Cole has on YouTube, it’s easy to tell that he takes funk to another level.

A multi-instrumentalist who rocks – especially where drums are concerned – will deliver a concert to remember at Festsaal Kreuzberg on the 26th of May.

The concept of Knower, the band from where Louis Cole started to work in his own projects shows already signs of the direction his music and visual concept would take. The lo-fi cropped videos mixed with complex funk music, jazzy melodies and amazingly tight breaks, shows that this guy is not only fun – but a virtuoso musician. His lyrics are not only satirical, but have a socio-political slant, and the influence of big gaming in his compositions is apparent.

It’s fresh, no doubt about it. His repertoire of small solo projects on YouTube shows the versatility of him not only as a musician but as a producer and as a visual artist. What at first appeared to be a music school project ended up standing as a documentary of the process of an artist who never stops creating.

To miss him would be game over. Please don’t.

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