Luxembourg Sounds Like…? Find out at Fluxbau on the 30th

by | indieBerlin

Ever wondered what Luxembourg sounds like? Of course you have.

Everyone knows that tiny countries have the best bands…left to find their sound and hone their craft without A&R boys breathing down your neck, all ready to define you and put you in a box – or else demanding that you do that yourself, otherwise they won’t speak to you.

Luxembourg is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, one of the smallest (at just over half a million inhabitants it’s about the size of Neukölln), with a full half of its population from elsewhere, and surprisingly the place with the most alcohol sold (although everyone says it’s the tourists who drive over the border and push the alcohol sales up…yeah right ;)). It’s also, and this is better known, the place where the per capita GDP is the highest, which translates as meaning that it’s got loads of rich people in it. The capital city is also a UNESCO world heritage site – yeah that’s right, the whole city.

What a weird place to be from as a musician

Which all makes me think, wow. What a weird place to be from as a musician. We have ideas what German bands/artists sound like, we have ideas what the north sounds like (hallo Scandi pop), ditto with the UK and the US, and let’s not forget that wonderful genre Italopop….or maybe we should…anyway: one thing which is generally not known, is what Luxembourg bands sound like. Growing up in a rural place with rolling hills and mountains, a UNESCO world heritage site as your capital, soaking up the cultures of Belgium, France and Germany, as cosmopolitan as you can get, and lots of rich people around…what’s that going to do to a musical mentality?

And that, my friends, is what we are to find out on the 30th October at Fluxbau. Good news: entrance is free. Bad news: Only 150 people get in. And from the sounds of it, it’s gonna be packed. 

Representing Luxembourg will be:

Seed to Tree, the Pop/Folk Indie band who aren’t shy when it comes to putting on a good show. The band has a flirtatious relationship with indie pop and indie folk, incorporating colourful pop melodies and contrasting them with folk-like harmonies and lyrics.

EDSUN, a young R&B artist who has been making waves and turning heads with every release and show so far. His R&B soundscapes are married with subtle and dark beats. His use of contemporary dance in his live shows is what makes Edsun so intriguing.

TUYS, the 4-piece from a small town with a big indie sound. They have an indie quality to their songs, tainted with alternative rock that carries a contagious and danceable energy.

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