Lykke Li live at Astra – check our review and photo gallery!


Astra kulturhaus. Red lights light up the dance floor, the place is packed with people waiting for the performance to start, on stage in the dim light men move among the shadows, adding the finishing touches. The music goes quiet and the audience is silent. The musicians appear one by one and then Lykke Li comes on stage to a roar of applause. The entire band wears black. The band kicks straight off and as Lykke Li’s voice reverberates gently around the hall the place erupts in cheers. This is the beginning of what proves to be a magical couple of hours. Lykke Li is completely subsumed in the music and this rubs off onto the audience. Finally she sings her big hit, I Follow Rivers, and this precludes the more rhythmic part of the concert and as the rhythm gets constantly heavier the audience responds, moving and dancing as one. They sing a few new songs and the audience responds enthusiastically. Lykke Li takes an encore and everyone goes home happy.

Review by Francesco Nicoletti.

Enjoy the photo gallery to see for yourself. Photos by Caterina Gili.