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Marco Mestichella is a great trip hop singer that we found who lives in London, comes from Italy and has a love affair with Berlin. Which is why he’s chosen Betahaus in Kreuzberg for the launch party for his brand new EP Tales of Falling Walls. There’ll be a Q and A from yours truly and plenty of love to go around. Come down from 8pm onwards for a great party.

We asked Marco a few questions about why he does what he does.

IndieBerlin: Tell us a little bit about your musical background

Marco: ” I grew up listening to loads of music from the 70’s and 80’s. I have vivid memories of ‘Making Movies’ by Dire Straits, ‘The Very Best Of’ Elton John, ‘True Blue’ by Madonna and ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson. I wasn’t trained as a musician as a child but I grew up in a very musical house, that has surely had an impact on my art.

I love songwriting. It’s very cathartic.

IndieBerlin: How does the songwriting process work for you? 

Marco:  ” I love songwriting. It’s very cathartic. A chance for me to tell a story, to describe feelings and convey emotions to others. I use it as a channel to express my creativity. Usually, if we’ve got demos done in the studio, I like to lay on the floor and write, listen to other records, read poems and get inspiration. Other times it just flows out of me from personal experience. I tend to mix autobiographical and fiction. You never quite know if what I’m singing about really happened to me or not, sometimes I wish that it happened to me. I think my style is very nostalgic and dreamlike as well.

In ten years I’ll look back and think ” Fuck yeah”

IndieBerlin: If you had to describe your music to a deaf person, what would you say?

Marco: ” A deep feeling of inner freedom”

IndieBerlin: Which artists would you list as your greatest influences or inspirations?

Marco : Musically I am influenced by a lot of different artists. I love Trip Hop music and the whole Bristol Sound, that can surely be found in my productions. But in terms of impact as an artist, Pop music has had a major influence over my life. Madonna, David Bowie and George Michael are my biggest influences.

IndieBerlin: In ten years you look back to today and think:_____________

Marco: In 10 years, if I’m alive and well, I’ll be 36. I will look back and think ” Fuck yeah”.

Marco Mestichella is launching his brand new EP Tales of Falling Walls this Friday at Betahaus with a listening party, Q and A from yours truly and a lot of smiles, laughter and dancing. Make sure to come down!

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