Marco Mestichella – Tales of Falling Walls – EP- Review

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If you’re looking for a genre bouncing, off the wall head spinner of a record, Marco Mestichella is the guy for you today. With a collection of 7 thematic yet wildly varied tracks, Mestichella is surprising and distinctive.
As passionate and dystopian as you could want in an end of the year dark fairytale record
Written between London and Berlin, ‘Tales of Falling Walls’ is as passionate and dystopian as you could want in an end of the year dark fairytale record from an Italian born independent artist. Tightly twisting a Camden style, ‘Peaches’ fuckery of electronica, visible most effectively in the freak show that is ‘Velvet Silky Boy’, with shred guitars and clashing harmonies, parts of the record will pin you to the wall with a nail gun. It’s all a bit weird, but when was weird ever a musicians enemy?
On his artistry, Marco is believes in the whole product of performance, and it’s evident
I always knew that I was an artist and I’ve chosen music as an art form because I believe it to be the most accessible of all. It also allows me to express every side of my creativity. Besides singing, making songs and performing, I enjoy directing and acting, which I get to do with my music videos too.
Vocals churn into dull calls of yearning
Opening track ‘Nothing More’ serves as a 90’s spoken word work of poetry that connects you with Marco and his clearly unusual mind. When his vocals churn into dull calls of yearning – but never faltering in power – it’s hard to ignore the ‘Prince’ like tone in the voice, perhaps more recognizable because of the story telling that twists, chorally, more often than you would expect, into a different kind of tale.
Let the darkness shine through, you are the only truth
– swoons the ardent independent on single ‘Truth’, (follow the links below) over trumpets and buttons entwined. Citing a plethora of moguls from Madonna to Portishead as influences, it’s George Michael who shines not only most prominently in vocal sound, but also in attitude. Mestichella’s amalgamation is essentially a free-for-all of intense fun, which pushes forward in the direction of electronica’s rapid magnitude, but comfortably shouts out to so many artists of the past, it’s hard to stay on top of what you are actually listening to.

I see music as a channel to inspire others and eject some light into the world. Nothing else. I describe a way of living through it, which involves appreciation, love and trust in the universe. I also think of my music as an indulgent trip towards self-discovery. I like to trip people with it and also pass on a message that we need to be beacon of lights in this world and use darkness as an opportunity to blossom.
Take the frighteningly intense cinema of fourth track ‘Heaven’
The elusive banger would be prominent in the queer corners of a music festival due to not only it’s pace, making blood rush, skywards, but the blend of wildly inappropriate trumpet calls that somehow feel so right. This is Goddamn dance music that does more than you expect, repeatedly.

When you thought all was wayward and unimportant, Marco Mestichella does a beautiful job of reminding you of his humanity. My personal favourite track “I Never Meant to Hurt you’, is full of heart and again, cinematic vision. I could well up in the mirror to Mestichella’s most conventional track, positioning myself in a movie of my life. Followed perfectly by one of the sexiest melodies ever on ‘Fire Burnt’, the realness of this man has been perfectly balanced with the weirdness. This is just what an independent solo artist should be doing in dystopian 2016.

With the anticipated release of his third record early 2017, Marco is currently pushing a crowd funding campaign to support him as an independent artist. Check it out.
Follow the links to check out Marcus’ single from the E.P. ‘Truth’

There’ll also be  the Tales of Falling Walls – Listening Party at The Betahaus Berlin 24.02.17 


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