Masego Live Review | The Master of “TrapHouseJazz” brings Lady Lady to Berlin

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On Friday 28th September, in a very packed and crowded Club Gretchen, the master of modern jazz Masego took to the stage.

To start off the night we had the epic DJ Tereza, who gave everyone R’n’B, jazzy, hip-hop mixes, including some classic beats and famous tunes from names like Anderson Paak. and Syd, obviously with her own unique take on each piece and her own tunes.

Tereza got the crowd pumped up and ready which was needed as the sold-out event was absolutely brimming with people. Then, Masego took to the stage in his classic silk look and dapper shades.  

Starting off the night with the infamous collaboration with FKJ Tadow, Masego was able to use every instrument on stage flawlessly including his incredible saxophone solos.

Masego also included multiple songs off his newest album Lady Lady, all with spot-on lady-killer vibes, including Black Love, drove the crowd wild with Shawty Fishin’ and I Had A Vision (of a room full of women – it was Masego’s lucky night, the crowd was mostly female!) He also performed the song Old Age from his new album, which he has also recently released a music video for.

Classics were played too, including Wifeable, Masego’s collaboration with Xavier Omar from his 2016 album Loose Thoughts. From this album, he also performed YOU GON’ LEARN SOME JAZZ TODAY, which he performed amazingly with all the various instruments on stage.

Masego’s backup singers were also phenomenal taking on some solos, including covering Tiffany Gouche from Masego’s collaboration with her in the song Queen Tings.

Masego, like in all of his pieces of music, was just incredible and truly gave everyone in the crowd a gig to remember.

To find out more about Masego, his latest releases, and up-and-coming gigs, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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