Melancholic corners from Chile come to Berlin. Macha y el Bloque Depresivo in Festal Kreuzberg. Win tickets now!

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After years of waiting Macha y el Bloque Depresivo has released its first album.

On October 5th the band released a production recorded in Chile, Argentina and Germany. “We never thought of recording an album” says the leader of the band when asked about the self-titled production. Full of boleros and waltzes, it brings back to life nostalgic South American folk anthems. “The audience made us record it and do some Tocatas to share them” says Aldo Asenjo (Macha) about the tour. They will be in Berlin the 30th of October.

The band only existed in crowded corners of Chile

El Bloque Depresivo remained in the shadows for years. As a group of friends that get together to sing songs they like, the band only existed in crowded corners of Chile, only to be heard about it in the streets or watched in amateur Youtube videos. After two successful concerts in representative venues, The Teatro Cariola and The Teatro Caupolicán, in Chile’s capital, their influence was undeniable.

Their influence was undeniable.

The music they bring is cathartic. Harmonies to exorcise inner demons with melancholic Andes sounds. Melodies that are listened in places where mountain hermits with guitars stop for a drink, for a talk, to forget or to remember. Rhythms that tell tales of a far away Latin America only to be fully understood by natives, but pleasing all audience.

Their European tour goes through Madrid, Barcelona, Martigues, Orleans, Paris, Lyon, Issiore, London, Milan, Barlin, Hamburg, Bologne and Bergamo. For the not so lucky to be in these places when they play, you can always here them in the most popular music streaming platforms.

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