Message To Bears: Small Light

by | indieBerlin

Message To Bears – otherwise known as the formerly London-based Bristolian Jerome Alexander – has released a charmingly hypnotic video for his latest single.

Taken from Constants, the fifth LP courtesy of this intriguing artist, Small Light is an utterly mesmerising foray into a luscious half-dream, with ethereal textures and haunting melodies. Opening with a delicate conversation between strings and piano, the outcome is an eerily beautiful showcase portraying the depths of this composer’s talent.

Minimalist and with clean lines, the gentle harmonies play with lingering chord progressions, creating a sense of melancholy that defines the sound of this thoroughly unique multi-instrumentalist. It’s intelligent and thought-provoking, with a curious music video to boot.

His intriguing use of sampling and sonic manipulation results in stirring soundscapes – there’s no avoiding falling into the trap of total obsession once you’ve heard just one of his pieces, so you’ve been warned.

Inspired by the terrifying complexity and prevailing calmness of the natural world, Constants is a series of meditations inspired by spending time alone in the great outdoors. Recorded in his home studio on the edge of a forest, Alexander has stated that these tracks “are a means of processing all the anxieties that would otherwise be neglected without an outlet for creativity”.

It’s no wonder that he’s been given the opportunity to share the stage with kingpins such as Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm. Rumour has it that Message To Bears will release a new record very soon – watch this space for updates, or take a look at his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more details on his upcoming album.

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