MGMT gave an extravagant, indie display at Columbiahalle.

by | indieBerlin

MGMT has surprised us every time they release something new, and on December 13th in Berlin, we finally had the opportunity to see their genre-bending Little Dark Age tour live and in person.

After the years since their unique creations Kids, Electric Feel and Time to Pretend back in their 2007 album Oracular Spectacular, their fans have seen consistent genre changes and experiments with new wave electronic music and indie-rock-pop, so their concert was a completely unique experience.

At their performance at Columbiahalle in Berlin on December 13th, we saw a spectacular visual arts display behind the band that changed as much as they change their styles between songs, including projected video visuals and a huge, blow-up replica of the strange clown on their Little Dark Age album cover.

The main focus of the performance was their latest songs from their most recent album Little Dark Age created in 2018, performing pieces such as the album’s namesake song Little Dark Age, and other popular songs like Me & Michael and When You Die.

The album is certainly a collection of MGMT’s darker side, mixing the depressing modern nightmare with beats and melodies that are surprisingly upbeat.

Throughout the night, they created an electric atmosphere, a surging crowd and tunes from all of the MGMT albums to get everyone singing, and we can’t wait for more MGMT in Berlin!

To get updates about the latest releases and their up-and-coming tour dates, check out MGMT on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so you can catch their performance the next time they’re in Berlin!

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