Michelberger Weekend Show

by | indieBerlin

Head down this Sunday for Michelberger’s next 10 Summers celebration – a meeting of music and live cinema!

Musicians Shahzad Ismaily, Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė and Bert Cools will perform, individually and together. Shahzad is a multi-instrumentalist who has mastered a dizzying array of instruments, and is in town to perform with EX EYE. Indrė and Bert play together as Merope – their connection apparent when they perform. Indrė plays a Lithuanian instrument called kanklės and Bert the guitar.

And Vincent Moon, the talented filmmaker  who shot all the films from the PEOPLE festival last year, will be there for a live cinema set once the sun has gone down. Vincent will project pieces of his footage onto the wall of Michelberger, while the musicians add layers of beauty over the top! 

Michelberger’s resident DJ Volker plays his records from 4pm, the BBQ starts at 5pm and the live performances begin around 7pm

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