Middle Eastern psychedelic rock band Ouzo Bazooka hypnotize at Cassiopeia

by | indieBerlin

Ouzo Bazooka transported the crowd at Cassiopeia back to a hypnotic era of 1960’s psychedelic rock with a Middle Eastern twist on Thursday.

The Tel Aviv band showcased their unique Mediterranean surf and garage rock sound with pure nostalgic energy, reminiscent of the days of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Uri Brauner Kinrot, adorned in denim overalls and a sequined gold headband over his long curls, captivated the night with his powerful rock vocals and guitar riffs.

Joining the band on tour, Yurika Hanashima glittered the music with her tambourine and hand cymbals, and bassist Gadi Peter, dressed in a red Adidas tracksuit, perfectly complemented Kinrot’s vivacious riffs.

Ouzo Bazooka keyboardist and vocalist Dani Ever Hadani defined the mystical music, providing the Middle Eastern tonalities and scales, while drummer Ira Raviv discretely tied all the distinctive sounds together.

Without having to speak much, the ensemble made it known they are a force to be reckoned with as they performed songs from their latest album Transporter with singles such as “Space Camel” and “It’s a Sin,” as well as older songs such as “Lady Alien” and “When She’s Away.”

Ouzo Bazooka also commemorated the 20th anniversary of Turkish rock musician Baris Manco’s death with their own powerful rendition of the Turkish classic “Kirpiklerini Ok Eyle” in English, further representing the beauty of Middle Eastern rock music.

The song is featured on their latest album as “Killing Me” and its gripping music video was released just last Friday.

The intimate venue amplified the intense energy, and despite the small space, people were entranced into attempting a frenzied mosh pit to reciprocate the vigor on stage.

With dizzying disco ball lights, and hypnotic melodies, it was like falling into one of Ouzo Bazooka’s vivid music videos while the rest of the world disappeared.

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