Midnight Snake Milk #1 – impressive line-up at Badehaus this Friday (win your tickets here!)

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Four acts from four countries will take you on a trip through alternative electronica, avant-garde pop, psychedelic RnB, and Afro-boogie this Friday at Badehaus. Oh, and you can win tickets for this event – just read along…
The basics are easy: You’ll want to go to Badehaus this Friday to see Aaron Ahrends, Jo Goes Hunting, Killbot Kindergarten, and Dj Good Boy. And this is why:

German Aaron Ahrends makes alternative electronica. But not just any. To be more specific, his kind of electronic style develops, surprises, and really manages to create a soundscape that takes its listener on an almost visual journey. This act knows when to let different sounds enter and disappear. It’s an electronic treat.


Jo Goes Hunting arrives to Berlin from The Netherlands. Jo (or Jimmi) writes all the music and performs live with four other musicians. He sings and plays the drums. That’s kind of impressive… His voice is sincere and strong and with an impressive range. And he’s intense. The avant-garde pop music is full of nice surprises and hard to describe. So just give it a listen.

Australien Killbot Kindergarten is an alternative/psychedelic RnB duo that’s going to blow your mind. No, you haven’t heard RnB this way before. Adam Sait and Youka Snell create a sphere of darkness and beats that doesn’t behave. It’s full of edges. And Youka’s deep female voice possesses a great temper and sexiness. This duo just might sweep you of your feet…

Don’t worry. The night won’t be over yet. Dj Good Boy from Luxembourg will make you groove until the morning with his sweet and fresh afro-boogie style. Catchy riffs, funky bass, and the kind of beats that don’t allow anything else than dancing.

Yes, you’ll want to be there. So come to Badehaus at Revaler Straße 99, 10245 in Friedrichshein this Friday. If you want more infos, check out the Facebook event. Doors at 8.30 pm – and it’s going down till 4 in morning. See you there!
Oh wait, you want to win your tickets? We’ve got 2×2 tickets up for grabs. Just send an email to win[at]indieberlin.de to try your luck.

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