MIN t: Alternative electro pop powerhouse taking the scene by storm

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Known for her one woman show, Martyna Kubicz does everything from producing to writing lyrics. For lovers of Chet Faker (aka Nick Murphy), HVOB and Moloko, MIN t is sure to be your next great love.

indieBerlin: Tell us a little bit about your musical background

MIN t: Classical and jazz music are my foundations. I started to play the piano when I was seven. After a while I was exploring jazz. Initially Robert Glasper’s album “Black Radio” was my main inspiration. I listened to Jamiroquai, Prince. Then I discovered electronic music, for example from Boards of Canada, Autechre. Boiler Room became a place where I looked for some new styles, artists, bands. This led me to house and techno. This variety of genres had a big impact on me. I love to be creative with music.

Plus I wanted to create original and fresh music. So MIN t.

indieBerlin: How did you get together as a band?

MIN t: I have always wanted to make the decisions about my music by myself. After releasing my album “Assemblage” I invited a drummer to share a stage with me. On my album you can find electronic songs with acoustic drums. I love this combination. It adds more energy to the performance and makes the music sound

indieBerlin: How did you come up with the name MIN t ?

MIN t: I wanted something that would begin with M as Martyna. At that time I was into minimalism. It influenced the way I dressed,  music I listened to etc. Plus I wanted to create original and fresh music. So MIN t.

indieBerlin: Tell us something about yourself that you always wanted to say but no one has ever asked you yet.

MIN t: If I had an alter ego I would be an aggressive female rapper. I would vulgarly rap in Polish.


indieBerlin: How does the songwriting process work for you / in your band?

MIN t: It really depends. Sometimes I search for the chords on the piano, sometimes the songs happens when I am trying to create some unique sound on the synthesizer. I love to rearrange classical music, exploring the harmonies, rhythms and changing them into experimental electronic neo-soul.

indieBerlin: Where do you get your inspiration from?

MIN t: Mostly from listening to different types of music.

indieBerlin: What music do you listen to when you’re touring?

MIN t: Usually on tour I listen to something calm like ambient jazz, neo soul, R&B or experimental electronic. My number one album at the moment is a new Nai Palm.

Every song has a different colour for me, also I can colour
every pitch in the scale.

indieBerlin: What was the nicest compliment you once got?

MIN t: After playing a Scriabin etude to my high school piano teacher she told me that she couldn’t imagine me doing anything else but music. It was the most inspiring moment for the young girl, who needed a direction in life.

indieBerlin: Do you prefer to play big festivals / stages or smaller club gigs?

MIN t: I gave around 100 concerts in my life. Usually I played at smaller venues, except from the times when I was supporting Gus Gus or Angel Haze. So definitely I would like to play now more often on bigger stages.

indieBerlin: Do you see your songs in colour or in black and white?

MIN t: Every song has a different colour for me, also I can colour
every pitch in the scale.

Catch MIN t at Basement Bash Vol.IX on February 23rd at Marie Antoinette alongside Banglist and Magnea. Email basementbashberlin (at) gmail.com to enter to win tickets.




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