Most Wanted Convention: A look into music’s evolution in technology and humanity

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A bright and important reflection on music

This week, on the 6th and 7th of November, the Most Wanted Convention takes place in Berlin, the European capital of music technology, in the beautiful and historic Alte Münze. The event features stimulating and unique music conferences with the world’s leading thinkers. Most Wanted’s Convention encourages deep and engaged debates about new music technologies, experiences and markets. Furthermore, it questions music’s social impact and how it fits in a sustainable, aware and equal society.

Exclusive live concerts

If Most Wanted Convention arouses your reflection on music, it also brings you the best live performances from artists from Berlin, Germany and Europe. Performing on the six stages of the House of Music on the 6th of November, new talents will be able to be discovered by an enthusiastic and passionate audience as well as booking agents, managers, A&Rs, event organizers, media, sync and music supervisors. Most Wanted’s ambitious and strong programming has been curated by numerous showcase hosts such as Berlin Music Commission, the British And Irish Modern Music Institute or SoundCzech.

Ami_Warning (c) Stef Zins_klein (1)Twenty-one concerts are organized in the frame of the convention in order to honour the evolution and the ongoing prosperity of music internationally. Among the many amazing acts that will perform live you will have the pleasure to enjoy the sound of the multi-faceted creator and musician Alex St Joan whose EP Kick&Rise was released 3 May 2019 on Zellephan Records, along with an accompanying book of short stories and artwork.

The very promising alternative pop band Banglist

The four piece band is an energetic genre-splitting group formed in Berlin but hailing from Norway and Iceland whose performances are enhanced by powerful vocals and sounds as well as charisma. The very talented Ami Warning will also be present: Ami’s unique ability to communicate  inner personal emotion through her one of a kind voice and songs instantly makes her an artist to follow. Whether she sings on Hip-Hop rhythms, ballads, pop songs or in acoustic, she creates an unearthly atmosphere with her artistic humanity.

The pop duo NOSOYO will also give us the pleasure to be present on the Most Wanted stage. With roots in the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey, the band marks a bright start with their four singles ‘6 or 7 weeks’, ‘Disillusioned’, ‘Old Soul’ and ‘Losing Time’ that you must listen in order to prepare your minds to their live concert.

BANGLIST band - Banglist press photo 2 _ Skye Sobejko (1)Are you passionate about music? Are you curious to know how it evolved in our society, minds and technology throughout the years? The Most Wanted Convention will help you answer that question and provide you an exchange with the most influential music personalities in the world. But most importantly, while furthering your reflection, you will also have the chance to enjoy the live performances of many established and emergent artists. If we convinced you, we’ll see you at the  Alte Münze on the 6th and 7th of November. Go buy your tickets right here.

Photo credit : NOSOYO: Louis Bürk. Alex St Joan : Jana van de Boldt. Ami Warning : Stef Zins Klein. Banglist : Skye Sobejko

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