Music award runner-up: Cameron James Laing aka Bunny Suit aka Quixote

by | indieBerlin

Cameron James Laing is from the UK. He lived with his first band Quixote on a sinking houseboat in the middle of London while gigging madly and looking for a break. Finally disillusioned with London he went travelling, ending up down and out in Paris. But it wasn’t until he moved to Berlin that he found a place where he felt he could start again with music. Reassembling the Quixote members in Berlin, they played and recorded around town for a while. The line-up changed and the band name became Bunny Suit. A publishing deal with Universal was signed; gigging continued. In 2015 Cameron and the band took a step back from the gigging merry-go-round to record new material, emerging only occasionally to showcase it. At length the band suggested that they change the name, present it as a solo artist. It’s the same line-up, the same songs, the same intentions, now under the name Cameron James Laing.

Even though on the live front it was a pretty quiet year for Cameron James Laing aka Bunny Suit, the quality of the songs we heard, the standard of the gigs played, and the promise that this artist shows convinced us to nominate them as runner-up for the Music Award 2015. We’re very excited to see what Cameron and his cohorts will be coming out with in 2016.

Here’s Cameron James Laing featuring Aurora Aksnes.


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