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For the last few years we’ve been trying to tell hopeful young bands whose career path involves writing songs and waiting for a label to sign them up that there is no white knight. No one is coming to save you. You’ve got to roll your sleeves up and get this shit done on your own.

There is a white knight after all

But it turns out there is a white knight after all. Not a label, but the Musicboard Berlin, which is a government-sponsored agency that helps organise förderungsgeld, or state funding.


Well, they’ve come up with a great idea. A lot of struggling bands want to get out on tour, and the best way to do this is as a support act of a larger band. But the way the industry often works is that as the support act you’ve either got to pay your own way or else what you do get just doesn’t quite cut it.

Struggling bands can apply for funding in order to be able to get out on tour

So those same struggling bands have a financial obstacle in the way of their eventual world domination as well as all the other obstacles. Now the Musicboard has sorted it so that said struggling bands can apply for funding in order to be able to get out on tour in this kind of situation. Up to 500 Euros per band member, including sound engineers etc, is available, so it’s the kind of money that could come in pretty handy.

If you want to apply or think about applying for this you can do all the way up until November. All further information and forms to fill out are to be found here:


Article by Noel Maurice

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