New Playlist For The Dreamers – Sanft Verblassen die Geschichten.


Bersarin Quartett – Sanft Verblassen Die Geschichten
A Tale Of Golden Keys – Everything Went Down As Planned
French For Rabbits – Feathers And Dreams
Joana Barra Vaz – Tanto Faz
Radical Face – Servants And Kings
Holiday Oscar – Carousel
Jóga – Hero
Wash – Oh I’m Searching
Sans Parade – Hyperborea
Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan

New Album “III” by “Bersarin Quartett” out on 06.11. / Denovali Records –

New Album “Artefacts” by “Sans Parade” out on 27.11. / Stargazer Records – –

Happy Birthday “Mogwai”! – New Album “Central Belters” – 34 tracks from 20 years of Mogwai out now! –