NEW Single Review: BLABLABLA by 3 South & Banana: a booster shot of pop-influenced indie

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3 South & Banana is back with another jangly indie single. We have the lowdown.

It’s been a good month for dancing in Berlin yet again. The latest release that has us tapping our collective feet over here at indieBerlin comes from local psych-pop prince, 3 South & Banana.

Those of you who can remember a bit further back than the moment you slipped and hit your head on the bar last night may recall our previous 3S&B review from last winter. The EP, written, played and produced by Aurélien Bernard, was a booster shot of pop-influenced indie that kept us smiling even when the temperature hit subterranean levels.

Last month we received another dose with the release of new single ‘BLABLABLA’.

‘BLABLABLA’ is another exciting episode in Bernard’s latest musical adventure.

Despite its deceptive naming, ‘BLABLABLA’ is another exciting episode in Bernard’s latest musical adventure. The track’s humming synth melody is underlaid by simple guitar strokes, echoing the formula of Scottish sweethearts, Belle & Sebastian. Bernard’s voice jaunts through the song in his typical ranging style (with some excellent French plosives on the ‘Bla’s).

The song has already picked up traction on the airwaves, with BBC6 Music’s Gideon Coe the latest fan to give it some airtime. After shows in Berlin and London earlier this year, Bernard – as we know – a native Frenchman, takes his show to Paris next month. Listen on Spotify or Soundcloud, your choice.


by Luke Davis. Found tweeting as @lukeahdavis, when not busy hitting his own head on bars.

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