One to watch: Finnish indie trio NEØV in review at Monarch

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The Finnish alternative indie trio graced the stage at Kotti’s Monarch bar last night as part of their current European tour, and it’s safe to say we weren’t disappointed.
With an easy-going and laid-back sound that doesn’t take itself too seriously, NEØV’s signature texture and tone is perfect for the mellow environment that Monarch cultivates.
Their latest record Volant is a gentle and thoughtful outing, addressing the concept of brotherhood in its lead single – titled, unsurprisingly, Brothers. The husky vocals of lead singer Anssi Neuvone combined with the twisting and weaving melody lines results in a rather ethereal atmosphere; nothing’s overcomplicated or unnecessarily complex, leaving the instruments room to breathe.

It’s nice to see a band who aren’t trying too hard to force an image – with NEØV, everything seems to come naturally. Nobody has the time for artificiality these days, plus we’d see straight through it anyway. The trio happily avoid this trap, quietly sharing their music with their audience without any agenda. Having retreated to a cabin in the woods in order to record this latest album seems to have inspired them more substantially than could have perhaps been anticipated, with an earthier sound to this album in comparison to previous works Dominique and Orange Morning.

Something of an ode to the natural world and great outdoors, Volant is a refreshing and clever album, with pensive lyrics and meditative soundscapes. The group manage to retain the essence of their earlier works, but with an exciting new take on their own particular brand of guitar-based indie pop. With the instrument lines working in perfect harmony with one another as well as the vocals, it’s clear to see that this is a band who are totally coherent together. There’s no need to force anything – everything comes totally organically, and this connection is very obvious on stage.

Technically, it was pretty much flawless – they’re clearly completely in sync with each other and their instruments, and totally understand how to construct an intriguing show. Considering that Monarch was packed with an entranced crowd of followers, we can make an educated guess and assume that NEØV won’t be slowing down any time soon.
refreshing and clever…with pensive lyrics and meditative soundscapes
Their live show is certainly a different experience to their recorded albums – it’s a little messier than the polished productions you’ll find on Spotify, but it’s equally as charming. It can’t be denied that the sound is a little different if you’re listening through a pair of headphones, with the band leaning towards a slightly more indie-pop persuasion compared to their deliciously scruffier stage show. It’s an interesting contrast, but don’t just take our word for it – catch them live yourself to see what we’re talking about.

The trio delivered a captivating performance, with each member clearly relishing every moment of being on stage. It’s a colourful yet muted event, with a rousing encore leaving the audience in the palm of their hand. We’d strongly recommend you keep your beady eyes on NEØV – expect weird and wonderful things from them in 2019.

Want to hear more from them? We’ve provided links to their Twitter and Instagram feeds so you can spy on them.

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