Only One Dengue – Dengue Dengue Dengue in review

by | indieBerlin

The walls of Gretchen are bumping a 130 BPM beat unto the ground.

1 AM. The place is full of people. Our guys have to stand in the back so the cold spring night makes only one of the winter layers remain on them. They start working the place by putting their extra layers on a couch, make a circle and then disperse. The lights of the place are hectic and the music makes Gretchen a Club.

The music visits many places in a short time while the DJ plays. Jungles are heard, Tresor 4 Am beats, Reguetton. Our guys move likewise: they sit, they dance, they talk. As the clock ticks 3AM the techno takes over for 45 minutes straight. The Duo gets on stage without their costumes on, no mysticism, they are getting ready. A Screen on the back of the stage starts to flash a message from a projector. It keeps flashing for 20 minutes. Our guys on the back are looking at a girl playing with a light ball tied to a string which she throws and makes circles of light. One of the two halves of Dengue looks worried and keeps talking to a long hair guy that assists him. Dengue’s half grabs his forehead worried.

Two assistants bring a ladder to where a big disco ball is reflecting everything that is interacting with it and suddenlly the background of a computer is shown on the screen and Dengue is on.The big picture of an indigenous woman appears. The crowd with Our guys cheer. The indigenous woman’s hat and dress start being a mascara and let a video through. Silhouettes of an Indian girl are also seen by the juxtaposition of videos. The tempo goes down to 100-110 Bpm.

Dengue’s hits make the crowd cheer. Some of the songs of their last LP are played here and there. Our guys on the back are getting ready. One of them leaves. The ones that stayed have a few more drinks and then leave at 4:20 AM.

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