Panic, Darkness and Light in London: The Marco Mestichella story Pt II

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As a human who grew up aware of his differences to others, Marco’s aura reflects strength and resilience.

Not that he was brought up with a particularly strong emphasis on Catholicism, but the small town development – as we all experience in childhood to differing degrees – ties one to systematic behaviours: living according to social norms and conventions just because: because everyone else is, because it’s all that you know and because there’s no reason to question it (unless one does have reason to question it).

“That had a big impact on my life: the fact that things need to be done in a specific way and that goes beyond religion… For me it is all about consciousness. For example, if you go to church using your consciousness, pray with consciousness and understand the rituals that you are doing then you probably get a lot out of it. It’s about spirituality.”

The impact that religion had on Marco’s life seems to have been a positive one rather than restrictive, perhaps due to his commitment to exploring, enquiring and blooming. His practicing Ashtang Yoga and the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah are all explorations of the soul, outlets with which he seeks to develop, learn and express himself, just as he does with his music.

Sleepless nights, anxiety and panic attacks

Marco moved to London at just 18 years old, ready to embrace his differences and collect his dreams and ideas together and flower into the person who did not fit the box back in rural Italy. As with many naturally elaborate minds at such a fragile age, breaming with colour and originality comes at a price.

Make sure to reserve your seat (free) to Marco Mestichella’s Album Launch Listening Party in Betahaus on February 24th

Not long after settling in the capital of more than 7 million, Marco began to experience sleepless nights, anxiety and panic attacks that would prevent (and surely have prevented) many before him from succeeding in their ambitions and reaching their creative goals. But he made it work. He uncovered a mantra that worked for him and he looked his fears and anxieties in the face until they began to pay off.

“I just kept going and kept repeating to myself that there was no turning back. I was eager to get started making music and six months after the move, I was accepted at BIMM [British Institute for Modern Music] where I studied vocal performance for a year.”

The steps that Marco continued to take were additions on his journey towards self-discovery, something that we are all undertaking throughout our lives, and they were all part of his more literal growth, to become a creator and most specifically a musician.

After graduating from BIMM, Marco played in a rock band with which he recorded demos and gigged, but it was his collaborative period that consolidated Marco’s idea that he was an independent creative thinker who was happy travelling toward a more knowing version of himself. He was (and is) a solo artist.

‘Tales of Falling Walls’ is due to enjoy its upcoming release party in Berlin on February 24th

Not to say that Marco only works alone: in 2012, he met Joe Rodwell, his continued music partner with whom he has created three EPs in as many years, the third of which, ‘Tales of Falling Walls’ is due to enjoy its upcoming release party in Berlin on February 24th.

From the moment that Marco first heard somebody tell him that he was an artist (Luke Hannam) until the development of ‘Tales of Falling Walls’ and beyond, Marco will always have a story to tell. One does not heal and move on, but rather reflects, experiences greater troubles and deals with resurfacing fears, yet the craftsman’s tools are more wisely chosen: his/her art is conceived with more history added to the credentials, as well as a greater list of inspirations having been consumed.

Make sure to reserve your seat (free) to Marco Mestichella’s Album Launch Listening Party in Betahaus on February 24th

“I explore every aspect of my personality through my music. I have to thank this form of art for allowing me to get know myself… a great book that changed my life is ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. Jess Glynne suggested it to me. We studied together. [These reasons] are why I named my record ‘Tales of Falling Walls’. It’s about breaking those boundaries inside of you. Those fucking walls and limiting thoughts that stop you from reaching things. It’s about overcoming fears, letting go, finding out something new about life.”


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