indieberlin visits: Passenger at Astra


[Written by Carolina Ortega]
Berlin audiences are tough. I was at a gig last week (one of my favourite bands at a big venue) and was shocked to be the only person singing along (not too loud) and dancing (on the spot and discreetly, nonetheless) to the occasional stare of my gigging neighbours. Although not at this gig – Passenger a.k.a. Mike Rosenberg’s extraordinary showmanship had the audiences singing from the second song – and clicking, clapping, dancing and laughing – it was extraordinary to watch what one man, a guitar and a lot of charm can do to an audience. A great set of some old classics (notoriously, Let Her Go) and some new ones (most notoriously one about an old man smoking the best cigarette of his life, including the gorgeous story of the old man himself) with a couple of great covers that had us all singing at the top of our voices. My favourite, singing along the hilarious and amazing ‘I Hate’ – one of the highlights of the evening. Beautifully crafted songs, moving lyrics, storytelling and gorgeous voice – do yourself a favour and go see him live, he will make your day.