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If you are like me, then you will already have got to the point where you think you’ll scream if one more article, video, news report, anything, has the word coronavirus in it. I mean I know it’s a virus and it’s, like, everywhere, but really?

And this first paragraph is of course my way of saying that, sorry guys, this article is also gonna be about our new best friend, the C-word.

Because it’s, like, everywhere

Here in Germany the whole world is shutting down; each new day seems to bring another step towards empty streets and shuttered shops; people darting home with their clutch of must-have groceries, widely skirting other people they might meet on the sidewalk, and so on and so on.

So that’s it then: we’re homebound

But there’s absolutely no reason to be bored. None at all. And that’s what this short (I hope) series of articles will be about: not only how to avoid boredom, but how we can at least try – as far as possible – to turn this staying-at-home, self-isolation, online life into something of a positive.

Because there is, in the end, plenty to do. Whether it’s retraining, improving skills, learning a new language; or writing that book, recording that album or finishing that new song; or catching up on the best Netflix, Prime and Sky series; or even if it’s just simple reconnecting with family: there really is no need to be bored.

So here I am, tapping away in my own semi-self-isolation, with a bunch of ideas of things you can best, most productively and/or most enjoyably, spend your downtime doing.

Like I say, this will be a series of articles (and please – if you have ideas, tell me! And I can include them here!) about stuff to do: meanwhile below are a few first ideas.

Band/Singer? Online streaming concerts are The Big New Thing!

There’s been a whole slew of people getting together to organise live online streaming concerts! Two of them are Berlin-based Australian singers Georgie Fisher and Stephanie Fisher, who have teamed up with some tech-affine friends to run high-quality online gigs under the name “Going Viral”.

Yes, haha. First gig is this weekend – watch this space for more details – and after that it’s hoped to offer three two-act gigs a week. Tickets will be sold online…like I say, more details to come. This is their blurb on FB: ” Welcome to our project Going Viral – high quality live streamed concerts from Berlin. We are a group of musicians and technicians who suddenly find ourselves with a lot of free time on our (clean) hands due to all events being cancelled.

What started as a quick coffee-meeting snowballed into this live-stream project.We got an incredible production team together and within 48 hours of that coffee we had broadcast our first live stream. Everything works just like a normal concert, except you don’t have to go anywhere. Sit on the couch, crack a beer, buy a ticket, and you’re away!”

Lock Down Skill Swap

Another great idea, and it warms my cockles no end to know that it’s the sprawling world of independent music and entertainment types who have come up with what the name implies: it’s a Faceboook group with the name Lockdown Skill-Swap, and it’s a ton of people offering and looking for teaching and learning new skills.

They say: ” A place for music and entertainment industry people to try to make the best of the current lockdown time, make online connections and maybe even learn something new. ”

Here’s the FB group link, go for it!

Finally time to read a book!

(Yes, I know, a bit unverschämt as they say, but I couldn’t resist slinging my own book in there….) That pile of paperbacks you were given / bought on a whim and never got around to – or the big tome that you’ve put off cracking open, knowing that you just haven’t got the time to invest…well hey, you may never get a better time to do just that….and to help you out, here’s a list of The Best Books Ever from Goodreads, to help you out.

More ideas coming! Watch this space!

Yes, boys and girls, of course you can rely on indieBerlin/indieRepublik (more about that later) to keep you amused, entertained and informed, through these dark days….that weirdly enough coincide with the beginning of spring, so go figure…

Do you have some bright ideas of how we can best spend our lockdown time? How we can best while away the ol’ Coronavirus Self-Isolation Lockdown Dance? Answer in the comments on write to me at noel (at)!

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