Rachel Glassberg, the Disasters and Sven the Berghain Doorman

by | indieBerlin

Building from their success in opening for C+C Maxigross in March 2016, at Acud Macht Neu, Rachel Glassberg is back with her newest song “Let The Right Ones In” and an accompanying video. Together with her band The Disasters, American ‘anti-/indie-/smartass-songstress’ Rachel Glassberg has recorded a five-minute rock epic, dedicated to Sven Marquet*.

“We’ll let you in. We promise”

Marquet, already famous among the Berlin indie scene as the doorman to the Berghain techno club represents an integral and imposing figure and his celebrated photography and clothing collaboration with Hugo Boss show demonstrate that he’s more than just hired muscle. Directed by director Giulio Rasi, the video was filmed at the late venue Antje Öklesund and stars Berlin antifolk guy Heiko B HorrorMe and a whole army of extras.

Celebrating indie culture in Berlin

This concert is about more that just paying homage to Sven Marquet, it’s about celebrating indie culture in Berlin and to help raise funds to replace the expensive rental equipment that was stolen during the making of their video.

Join Rachel Glassberg +/- The Disasters, Heiko B HorrorMe and Emperor X, DJs and Indie Berlin at Marie Antoinette, on 27 September 2016, from 19:30 onwards. Tickets: €7.
*Any resemblance to a real tattooed doorman, living or dead, is completely coincidental.


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