Reading Festival – checkin’ in with the cool


Biggest festival I’ve ever been to. Took me an hour to get across the camp and another half an hour to the where the stages were. Amazing bands, well organized, great location, and funny and stylish people.
I actually only managed to take any pictures on the first day, the other days I was too busy running from stage to stage, seeing all the bands I wanted to see, not getting too wet from the typical British rain and fighting off the cold. I was wearing all the sweaters, jackets and scarves I had, I’m not as hardcore as all those British girls: “We don’t care if it’s cold as long as we look hot.”

After 3 devastating days I went back home to Berlin, happy to sleep in a bed again. Camping is not my thing. But the music, the good vibes and all those flowers in my hair made me happy. And in the end, that’s all that counts.

Check out our photo gallery for the festival style impressions! Tthe Looks: Flower crowns, neon colour all over the body, glitter in the face, rain boots, crop tops, kimonos and high waist shorts were a must have.

Festival report and photos: Melissa Righi