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Eleonora – Confess + Lopezhouse // Modular Project remix
When you first open your ears to Lopezhouse’s Eleonora remix, the previously ‘pretty sweet’ London Grammar album that you just paused becomes ‘just fine’. Don’t get me wrong, I like the swooning drama of distant pop, but match a plethora of smacking percussion and layers of triphop to a swooning female vocal and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect ep to deliver you from Wednesday afternoon unto the early hours of Saturday.
There’s something about the cross-decade layering of Eleonora that wakes you up. As ‘Fall in Love’ winds through an orchestra of 80’s bass, your chin lifts and you stare into Bowie’s Labyrinth. There’s something inspiring about the lyrics, despite the downbeat melodies. On my Own closes the episode — that really feels like the start of a story, so authentically told.

The title track will open up your thought process. You stand up. You look directly forward, desiring no interaction but wanting to feel the presence of bodies around you, also understanding this moment. That’s what music should offer, right? A moment. Because what else if you don’t feel something utterly organic. Eleonora achieve that, most prominently in Confess.
Amidst all of the God-forsaken noise of city life these tracks streamline the process of life
As each song builds, your feelings grow stronger, toward yourself more than anything else. Amidst all of the God-forsaken noise of city life, clouding your anxious brain, these tracks streamline the process of life. Negative feeling isn’t something one needs to avoid when you harness it into something meaningful. That’s what Eleonora does.


Alongside two dancing vocal layers, each song bounces between a Spree side underground club in Berlin, 1989 and the constant buzz felt in Camden lock, 1999. A combo for the queens of dancing whilst feeling an energy from the ground. This is really, brilliantly crafted movement music to make one feel. When you look to the ceiling and smile through pure ecstasy at the possibilities of life. Lopezhouse, Modular Project and Eleonora give you that authenticity that only a certain sound offers. Embrace it.

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