Ritzy Park – taking you to the bloody beating heart of the 70s

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Ritzy Park is a Berlin-based rock band that went from jamming at a party to enthralling their surroundings with their contagious energy on stage.

The quintet’s repertoire varies from passionate and melancholic ballads to forceful, upbeat rock n’ roll anthems. With soulful harmony arrangements and heavy guitars, their sound takes the listener on a musical journey right to the heart of 70s rock and 90’s grunge. Their stated influences include acts like Pearl Jam, Dire Straits, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple.

They take their listeners on a deep dive through the bloody heart of the 70s

With soulful harmony arrangements and some very heavy guitars, they take their listeners on a deep dive through the bloody heart of 70s rock, drag them feet first through the mud of 90s grunge, then whip them around through some mainstream 80s big choruses before depositing them reeling back in the twenty teens. You can’t really refuse to at least give a listen to any band who can list their influences as Dire Straits, Nirvana and Deep Purple all at the same time. I mean what would that sound like? Crazy.


The band all hail from various parts of Scandinavia, with a steady guitar, bass, drums and keys line-up; they met in BIMM Berlin, the music college that’s spitting out ready made rock stars like some kind of chocolate factory gone mad. Meanwhile the band are showing that they’ve got gallumps of ambition – their first EP is slated for release, they’ve played in all the venues you have to play in Berlin (Musik & Frieden, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Cassiopeia, etc) – plus on the opening day of the Mercedes Benz Platz (I think that’s a good thing), on BalconyTV, plus appearing in a Sennheiser commercial.

Like I said – any band who are proud to list that particular mashup of influences demands at least a listen – if not two.


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