Rock’n’Roll heaven: Kissin’ Dynamite at Bi Nuu

by | indieBerlin

German heavy metal band Kissin’ Dynamite are announcing tours before their current ones have actually ended. Their gig at Bi Nuu shows us why: For the first time since they started playing together 11 years ago, they sold out a venue in Berlin.

The spotlights are dimmed down, a green cone emerging, seemingly searching for something or someone in the crowd. Aeronautical whispers breeze by. A voice is sounding a countdown – and that’s when John Diva shoots his Rockets of Love at the stage. The hard rock formation released their first LP Mama Said Rock is Dead this year, a homage to the glamour of 80’s rock. Their self-ironic songs like Lolita or Dance Dirty, paired with playful stage personas, are a brilliant addition to the main band. The experience they gained throughout their years on festivals shines through effortlessly – especially when Diva starts passing a big bottle of booze around.

“I’ve got the fire”, Kissin’ Dynamite sing when they get on stage. Explosive guitars and fiery drum patterns attest to that. The eponymous song can be found on their latest record Ecstasy, and much like their other tracks is a real sing-along anthem. The band knows how to craft lyrics that edge itself into the mind quickly, giving even newcomers the chance to chant along.The majority of songs found on Ecstasy will be springing to life, from Somebody’s Gotta Do It all the way to Waging War.

Halfway through the set, another surprise graces the crowd: Anna Brunner, part of the symphonic metal supergroup Exit Eden, comes up to join Kissin’ Dynamite. She already provided vocals for the title track of their newest record, so it’s a welcome addition for an authentic song experience. The band jokes that their Swabian mentality forces them to keep her around for more than one track; and so she lends her voice to Sleaze Deluxe off the 2012 release Money, Sex & Power, as well.

Afterwards there’s times for an emotive break with Heart of Stone, during which front singer Johannes Braun shows his skill on the piano. Steel of Swabia is a nod to the long-time fans, as it’s a song off their very first record. Having touched upon their entire discography, the band is far from being done with, though: Three encores are bestowed upon the audience. Still Around, You’re Not Alone, and Flying Colours – during which Brunner emerges back on stage – give weight to Braun’s last heartfelt remark before the end of the show:  “All of us are a rock’n’roll family”.

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