Roedelius and Onnen Block live in the Mindpirates Rooftop Auditorium this Sunday


On December 22, Roedelius and Onnen Bock will give an exclusive live performance in the Mindpirates rooftop Auditorium.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius counts among the foremost visionaries of contemporary sound art and experimental music. He has has left a permanent impact on contemporary music, sound art and performance with his continuous expansion of our encounters with (and experience of) sound and music.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius (born in Berlin in 1934), a trained electrician, co-founded the music commune Human Being in 1968, and co-founded the Zodiak Arts Lab, Berlin’s famed first free art studio, in 1967 with conceptual artist Conrad Schnitzler. It quickly became the nucleus of Berlin’s underground culture at the time. There, they met Dieter Moebius and together formed Kluster in1970. They invented now ubiquitous structures and conceptions of music before they were technically accessible, e.g. working with loops before samplers were invented.

With his work as a founding member of such highly influential groups as the ambient jazz trio Aquarello, Harmonia, Human Being, Kluster, Cluster, Cluster&Eno, Tempus Transit, Lunzprojekt, Roedelius has defined a groundbreaking sound that would later become known as krautrock. Far beyond krautrock as a musical genre and era however, Roedelius’ influence reverberates to this day in ambient electronic music, abstract techno, minimal electronics, popular music, sound art and sound theory of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Roedelius’ work is always characterized by a precise and almost academic musical intellect, unerring intuition, bold creativity, but also a sense of restraint and pop minimalism.

Over the four and a half decades of his career, Roedelius has created a highly individual and intricate musical cosmos. His genre-defining work in this myriad of musical projects has had an immense and lasting impact on the contemporary musical landscape, sound art and experimental practices. His own musical compositions and pieces of writing and poetry exceed the thousands, and with over 170 collaborative releases his work has radiated out into lasting constellations.

Onnen Bock, who is joining Roedelius for this event, co-founder of Aquarello and Roedelius’s partner in Qluster and Harmonia, is an accomplished musician and sound installationist in his own right. His solo projects revolve around analogue live electronics and their modulatory potential. Furthermore, for several years he worked as musical assistant and audio engineer for the Berlin Philharmonic and as theatre sound engineer at the Volksbühne in Berlin, and was involved in over 30 album productions as musician, composer and/or audio production engineer.

Since 2010, Roedelius and Onnen Bock are Qluster, an extension of the groundbreaking Kluster / Cluster project (initially with Conrad Schnitzler and Dieter Moebius) combining improvisation with manipulated acoustic sound sources.

On this third advent Sunday of December in our Atelier, their improvised set will focus on the unsuspected sonic and evocative potential of the piano coupled with the voice; with selected literary and poetry readings by Roedelius.

This will be a unique chance to experience these two musical innovators live in an intimate setting again opening up unmapped sonic territories.