Senor Markusen performs at Orange ‘Ear, a live living room art video concept thingy


Orange ‘Ear bills itself as a music channel for small live music sets, presenting musical artists in a private atmosphere. So private in fact that it’s shot in their living room. Orange ‘Ear is set up to be a non-profit thing, which means that the concerts get filmed, the videos go online and the artists get to use the films for their own use, and we all get to enjoy a spiffingly intimate gig. On the 25th it’s Senor Markusen, gig starts at 7.30. Senor Markusen is an odd sort of a fellow who plays digideridoo, percussion and just looks damn weird. Senor Markusen is the art persona of Marcos Andreu-Gasol, a musician from Barcelona, who teaches, gives lectures and performs with the didgeridoo. His performance piece started off in the famous Park Güell in Barcelona where he performed as a street artist for two years before going on to tour around Europe. 


On the 2nd of May Atariame plays her lovely Lo-Fi tunes Live at ORANGE ‘EAR from 7.30pm.