Serpentwithfeet is about to hit Berlin with his ethereal and dark gospel and we just can’t wait

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With classical harps, an orchestra and intense and moving lyrics, this is serpentwithfeet and his odd and beautiful aesthetic. Hitting Berlin next Tuesday (tickets to win!) at Prince Charles, Josiah Wise’s extraordinary visuals, and clean, pure voice is not to be missed!

Serpentwithfeet is a walking and breathing example of cutting-edge, avant-garde gospel in the modern age. Known for his oversized septum ring, pentagram forehead tattoo, black makeup and ever-changing, dramatic style, he combines choir-like vocals, sinister lyrics and his occultist look to create a surreal blend of art in his work.

Having collaborated with Björk in the past, Wise has multiple other influences in his music, having had jazz-vocalist training and being previously in a neo-soul band, also leaning towards opera and classical arrangements.

His song four ethers from his album blisters is masterfully constructed, addressing suicide, affection and pain in a romanticised and holy way. The range of serpentwithfeet’s voice is incredible, bringing together the deep drum, orchestral buildups and an ambiance that borders on supernatural.

He combines choir-like vocals, sinister lyrics and his occultist look to create a surreal blend of art in his work

The music video for four ethers is a work of art within itself, creating colourful, flowing imagery with red drapes and his own body becomes a theatrical and expressive focal point.

His newest EP, bless ur heart, released last month, is beautifully moving and poetical, reaching down to Wise’s romantic and sensual side, singing: ‘When I give these books away will my ink betray me? Will my stories resist wings and grow feet and convince me that I’m boasting?’. Bless ur heart is only one track of the upcoming, and no doubt crazily artistic album soil, due to be released on June 8th this year.

If it’s possible to make gospel avant-garde, erotic and romantically queer, there’s not an audience serpentwithfeet can’t entice.

To see him perform at Prince Charles in Berlin next Tuesday 17th April, send an email at win(@), for your chance to win 1×2 free tickets!

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