Single premiere: Sweat Boys – You’re Gone

by | indieBerlin

Electronic dance outfit Sweat Boys present the deliciously 80s, synth-heavy single You’re Gone from their latest record Nervous Prayers.

Released through Minnesota-based independent label Give/Take, it’s a curious new work that’s not afraid to push the boundaries of their genre. Hailing from La Crosse, Wisconsin, the group will drop their latest EP on June 28th – in the meantime, we invite you to take a listen to the most recent track they’re willing to share.

Lyrically, it’s actually rather intriguing, which is a lot more than can be said for a large number of tracks of this genre. It’s fluid and beautifully produced, deftly avoiding the trap of over-compression which dance-oriented art artists are so often guilty of falling into.

You’re Gone is one of those tracks which would be at home pretty much anywhere – it’s fitting for late-night adventures in the grottiest of dive bars, but also perfectly suited for the shiniest clubs Berlin has to offer. There’s a great movement to this record, which makes for a refreshing change, as it’s far too easy for works like this to lose their momentum around two-thirds of the way in. At no point does this song fizzle out or fade away – it keeps its punchy, animated feel up until the last beat.

I don’t know about you, but it’s definitely hooked us. We’re excited to see Sweat Boys when they (hopefully?) tour Europe at some point – they’re the perfect soundtrack to whatever you had in mind. It’s a playful and high-energy record, leaving us wondering what they’ll offer up next.

Fancy getting your grubby little hands on a limited edition vinyl of Nervous Prayers? You can order your copy here. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for updates on upcoming shows near you.