Småll Sessions Live at Auster Club tonight!

by | indieBerlin

Småll Sessions Live is a series started in Berlin in 2016, showcasing the best of new music. In their own words, the concept is simple: “three artists – one stage – one night. This is the place to discover brand new music”.

This Friday, Auster Club plays host to three vastly different acts. Once you give each of them a listen, we promise that you’ll find it hard to stop listening.

Mega! Mega! are an indie Pop-rock band from the Saarland. They specialise in upbeat, fast-paced tracks, that are bound to get you on your feet.

With manically-paced lyrics, simple rhythms and bass lines, and jagged guitar riffs, their music is zero fuss fun. After a long break since their 2013 debut album, they are back with some new music. Mega! Mega!’s new single, “Kardio” shows more musical maturity than their earlier work, and is a proper earworm.

Máni Orrason hails from Iceland. His music is full of depth and feeling. It spans several genres, and each piece has a feel and atmosphere all its own. Though his music will grab you at first listen, it really deserves a closer look to appreciate it fully.

His second album— “I Woke up Waiting”—was released this year. The stand-out song is the title track. His voice sounds fairly poppy, but supported by gorgeously haunting piano, the effect is far from a simple pop ballad.

We reviewed O-Shin back in January, and she has quickly become a favourite. Blending electro-pop with a vast and magical soundscape, her music is quirky and sincerely beautiful.

Still very much at the beginning of her career, O-Shin has only released three tracks on Spotify to-date, with more on the way soon. But if January’s gig was anything to go by, her set on Friday should be breath-taking.

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