Soundcheck – this week indieberlin talks to Candice Gordon who speaks of storms in the China Sea.


 Soundcheck with… Candice Gordon

 Write a new music journalism review of yourself by filling in the blanks:

My music is like thirsty hitchhiking with bottles of Rum through the outskirts of space while listening to disembodied voices on acid.

How old were you when you wrote your first song? What was it about?

10 – about finding something under a tree.

 Do the people your songs are about know that they’re about them? Have you played the songs in front them?

I don’t often write about individuals but I don’t think I would have a problem with anyone knowing that they inspired me.

 What instruments do you use on stage?

Drums, Bass, electric guitars. then sometimes organ and brass section for certain shows.

 What’s the weirdest place you’ve written a song?

Don’t know about weird but it was intense: on a boat in a storm between Japan and China. I had very strange dreams and found myself on the floor being knocked about by the power of the storm and I thought of a song.

 What time of day or season does your music best fit into?

It depends which songs. I am a woman of many seasons.

 Describe your current release in 5 words, and one must be a colour.

infra red, trash, hooey, rock and roll.

 What’s one obscure talent you have that would surprise people listening to your music?

I have extreme yoyo skills.

 Who would be your dream backing band?

I feel very grateful for the backing band I have, they are great musicians and wonderful to work with.

 You’re invited to rescore one film – which one do you pick?


 Date of next shows: 18 October in Wild at Heart / 27 October at CCCP

Name of current release: Cannibal Love