Sunn O))) at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Let there be Drone

by | indieBerlin

“A wall of noise from the catacombs comes close to me, I don’t know whether to go down or not the hole.”

“An evil voice calls a name (maybe mine?), I have to check it out. And so I went down. An airy knife sound started to fade as the growling deep breath from distorted guitars got louder. All of the sounds were sharp, sense bending, it sounded as the mantras the devil himself would sing.”

The Rock band Sunn O))) is coming to Berlin – after a five-year German hiatus, they will be performing two shows on the 30th and 31st of July at Feestsal Kreuzberg. Let there be Drone and let the guitars take you through soundscapes only found in the underworld.


“As gargoyles turned on their red eyes and I could feel the echoing noises shaking my chest I understood where I was. His chamber”

Sunn O))) is a mysterious experience – music from Ancient Alien Temples. Going through an album like their Black One is as scary and mesmerising as watching The Shining. Sunn O))) would be to music as Silent Hill is for gamers, a shocking experience – beautifully orchestrated.

“Sudden silence but a breath filled the room, I had been summoned to one of his meditations just so I could share with the world that he, the devil, also prays, he prays to this sounds.”

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