Coming up: Swim Deep


[Written by Olivia Walton]

“I want to have a massive influence on pop music,” says Austin Williams, frontman of Swim Deep, one of the best of a new troop of bands to come out of Birmingham, UK. (The scene even has a name: B-Town.) It’s a big ambition, but Swim Deep isn’t going about it the usual way – no selling out to dead boring but easy to swallow pop for them. “We just want to write good songs, really,” says Williams. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. Formed in 2011 when Austin Williams and Tom Higgins got “fed up with stacking shelves at Morrisons”, Swim Deep is currently made up of Williams, Higgins, Cavan Mcarthy and Zachary Robinson. Their first two singles, “King City” and “Honey”, both released in 2012, are big, nonchalant, playful and irreverent tracks. They got enough playtime and critical acclaim to land Swim Deep a spot on tour with Two Door Cinema Club this year and a record deal with Chess Club. Their debut album Where the Heaven Are We was released this August. Their sound is cleaner, but the band has stuck to their promise of making good, fun, lazy-sounding music. Listening to the album feels like being in a pool at a party as the sun comes up; everyone’s drifting around happily, still not sober enough to sleep. Their Berlin show at Magnet on November 11th is part of a European tour that started in Paris. If NME is anything to go by, Swim Deep’s live sound is like “a star-spangled whirlpool that’ll suck you back into the late ’80s.” Sounds fun to me.

Swim Deep will be playing this Monday (Nov 11) at Magnet club. If you want to join us at the show, send an email to for a pair of free tickets!